Leisure Conductor

I continue to fulfill my dreams

Born in January 1978, Kanagawa Prefecture in Japan.


I read the book "Tokyo Disneyland Wonderful Management Magic" I found at my uncle's house when I was in junior high school and started aiming to cast a theme park.


During college, I studied “Leisure Industry Management” at Tama University in Tokyo.

The graduation thesis is "Recommendation of theme park stay-type leisure"

1996-2000  Cast member for 4 years at Disney Store Japan. (While studying at university.)


2000 Joined the USJ LLC as a new graduate.I was in charge of setting up the themepark.

・Park Cleaning

Ride Operation&Safety,Entrance Operation, Ticket Sales

・Ticket sales strategy

・Key performance indicators (KPI) formulation, numerical management, staffing optimization work

・Company-wide optimization and business flow review

Moved every two years and experienced the launch of four new organizations.

Experienced most sections of the operations department.

I have experienced management, human resource development and organizational management.

2015 Started activities as a "Leisure conductor"

2019 Retirement and Independence from USJ LLC.

   Currently active as a lecturer and training instructor

My favorite Walt Disney World Resort® in Orlando, Florida,14 times visits! I believe the true theme park leisure is here.




 Co-authored with Theme Park Consultant Gun Shimizu

"Theme Park & Amusement Business:

 Latest Trends and Tips for Success"

       For more details Here(Amazon Japan)



 Knowing the greatness of “Theme Park Leisure” and helping you live a fulfilling life.



 The National Examination for certified Domestic Travel Service Supervisor

■Affiliated academic society

 Japan Society of Leisure and Recreation Studies

I has 20+ years in the amusement park industry.  Worked at a Manager-level position at USJ LLC for 19 years (2000-2019).

At educational seminars for individuals (students, etc.) and companies, I teach how to attract customers, attractive services, and building a work environment.

What is a leisure conductor?

I have been pursuing my career, thinking that the “stay-type leisure” and “theme park leisure” I experienced at Walt Disney World Resort® should spread and spread in Japan.


I want to study "leisure" as an indispensable thing in my life, understand the concept, and be able to convey the splendor of "stay-type leisure" and "theme park leisure" to many people. 


I am not a coach, teacher or leader.If you ask this person about "leisure", it's okay.I want you to think so.The “Leisure Conductor” was thought with that wish in mind.


This title is the only one in the world .


This titles is an important title that was thought by a great American friend.

List of media appearances

◆2017年2月9日  エフエムあまがさき 「モーニングアベニュー」

◆2017年4月2日  さくらFM 「まちたびラヂオ」

◆2017年5月2日  ラジオ関西 「ラブ・Voyage」

◆2018年1月30日 さくらFM 「Sakura Super Stadium」

◆2019年1月28日 山口新聞 「ゲストの立場で考えて おもてなしで周南観光振興」

◆2019年8月19日 fm GIG 「Andyのサテライトラジオ」

◆2019年8月26日 fm GIG 「Andyのサテライトラジオ」

◆2019年10月21日  エフエムあまがさき 「モーニングアベニュー」

◆2019年11月14日   FM宝塚 「ハミングストリート」

◆2019年11月15日 ラジオ関西 「ラブ・Voyage」

◆2019年11月19日 さくらFM 「Sakura Super Stadium」

◆2019年12月9日  fm GIG 「Andyのサテライトラジオ」

◆2020年4月7日     さくらFM 「Sakura Super Stadium」

◆2020年5月27日  エフエムあまがさき 「モーニングアベニュー」

Leisure Conductor  SUGIZAKI Akinori

​レジャーコンダクター  杉崎 聡紀


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